Strategic Planning
and Advisory

Strategic planning, when done correctly, is a powerful tool for identifying what a business should become and how it may best achieve that goal. It evaluates a company's potential and immediately relates the company's goals to the actions and resources needed to achieve them. Strategic planning is a deliberate, methodical process for asking and answering the most important questions that a management team faces.

We apply data analysis to our strategic development initiatives and have the unique ability to build and ideate solutions that scale with business growth. Our integrated solutions are informed by the expertise obtained through our solutions design and engineering experience.

Leveraging A Successful Strategic Planning Process:

  • Understanding the mission, vision and core values of the organisation

  • Investigating possible business growth areas

  • Assessing upcoming opportunities and risks

  • Recognising and considering the priorities of your business

  • Examining the company's strengths and weakness

  • Identifying and evaluating alternative strategies

  • Creating business growth plans that capitalise on new profit areas

  • Defining and targeting clear business objectives


Sales and
Marketing Consulting

We assist you in achieving long-term, organic growth by putting your consumers at the center of your business plan. Our strategy puts every aspect of your consumers' experience to the test, resulting in optimal interactions at every touchpoint.

We provide insights to help you maximise your entire sales and marketing potential, from innovative research on customer loyalty to brand and product perception across markets. We don't simply assist your organisation in developing a sound plan; our consultants will assist you at every step, offering the insight, diagnostics and benchmarks required to revolutionise how you service your consumers and earn their long-term loyalty.

Creating the proper strategy will enable you to differentiate your company through technological innovation and client attention.

  • Strategic business expansion & market entry strategies
  • Independent Business Growth Evaluations and Digital Readiness Evaluations
  • Sales, marketing, and customer experience optimisation strategies
  • Individual or team sales effectiveness, enablement, and marketing business process creation and training
  • Market research and customer profiling tailored to your industry

Business Transformation Advisory

We bring together the right thinkers, designers, and doers to conceptualise, develop and bring your digital transformation strategy to life. Our comprehensive view begins with a thorough understanding of your business. Then we back it up with knowledge and experience gained from operating in various markets.

Our clients put their trust in us to guide them through massive transformation and change. Do you have the necessary business advisors in place to help you transform? Discover the undeniable difference Black Tie Consulting can make.

How We Approach Business Transformation

  • Identify the Best Technologies

    We will act strategically to streamline your corporate transformation by identifying the core, high-performing technologies that align with your vision for the future.

  • Facilitate Integration

    From artificial intelligence to automation, we help your business develop a transformation strategy that reduces complexities and downtime to quickly generate value.

  • Create Lasting Change

    Our consultants touch base with you to ensure that your transformative changes are delivering the results that you expect for superior and long-lasting ROI.